Kitt (Previously ana.)

I first designed ana. during my final year at university in 2020, and have continued to work on it with my co-founder ever since, rebranding to Kitt in April 2022 along with an official launch in schools across the UK. It's like a defibrillator, but for allergies.

I’ve lived with severe allergies to nuts my entire life. 
I carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with me wherever I go, which should be used immediately in case I ever have a severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylaxis.
This prescription medication is inconvenient to carry all the time, easy to forget and expires every year, so it’s no surprise that almost half of all allergy sufferers leave it at home when they go out.
There are more than 3 million allergy sufferers in the UK, and up to 1 in 5 live in fear of death from anaphylaxis.
During my final year at university I felt particularly frustrated with these issues, and came up with an idea for the solution, (called ana. at the time) - to provide all public spaces, from schools, to restaurants to stadiums - with their own anaphylaxis prevention and treatment system. 
Like a defibrillator, but for allergies.
I graduated in 2020 and my friend James joined me to become my co-founder in January 2021. 
Since then we’ve kickstarted the business together, and pursued our dream for Kitt to be seen as the first proactive approach to counter the problems associated with life threatening anaphylaxis. 
We're the new standard for allergy care. 

More of my work:

For my final year UX module at university I designed 'Spot' - a smart city app that allows users who are travelling for a year abroad (for work, study, or leisure) to find, secure and become familiar with their ideal location and accommodation before arrival.
UX Design
House Hack
House Hack host engaging virtual experiences that empower student & graduate talent with the opportunity to consult with social enterprises and find roles at growing start-ups. I often do odd graphic design jobs for them whilst also being part of their organisation and taking part in events as a 'Team Leader' myself.
Graphic Design
In my second year at university I designed Bloo, a smart cuddly toy with inbuilt safety protocols, protection settings, child mood monitoring systems and smartphone integration - all as part of my Sustainable Design module.
Product Design | UX Design
During the Design Mould Tool module in my second year at Loughborough we designed and manufactured a fully operational steel injection mould tool for an injection moulded bike tyre lever widget intended to be a promotional item for Deliveroo drivers.
Product Design | Manufacturing
Rise Oats
RISE is an up-and-coming health food company for which I created the brand & logo, visuals, packaging mockups, social media posts (video & photo), pdf brochure and website - all during my year in industry.
Brand Design | Web Design
The Simple Shaker Company
The Simple Shaker Company is an new online kitchen cabinet seller for which I created the brand, logo and website as a freelance job during my placement year. This was the first ever web design job I completed professionally, and I learnt a lot whilst doing so!
Web Design | Brand Design
Smart ForSnacks
In my second year of university we were briefed to design a food heating device which enhanced a certain experience, using a chosen brand's design DNA. After doing a full semester of group research, I designed a SMART CAR heat & share nachos concept which enhanced the in-car movie experience.
Product Design
Ryan Mcgee
A colleague & friend of mine, Ryan Mcgee decided that to start 2021 off right he wanted his own personal website and brand to act as a hub for his various interests, including business consulting, blogging and podcasting, with the end goal being to capture more potential client interest.
Web Design | Brand Design
As part of my second year Design Week we had to design a product inspired by Joseph & Joseph, utilising live hinges and polypropylene plastic. That's how I came up with Pop - a stackable, multi-purpose, flat pack shelving unit for students.
Product Design
The Wood Works
Over the course of my year in industry placement role as a graphic design/marketing intern at The Wood Works - a bespoke kitchen & living company - I designed websites, brochures, videos, social media ads, magazine ads, and much more.
Graphic Design | Marketing
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