ana. Allergy Care

I first designed the ana. system during my final year at university, and have continued to work on it with my co-founder ever since. Our goal is to make public places safer for all by providing secure and dependable access to anaphylaxis treatment medication along with easy to follow instructions. Think defibrillator - for allergies. (This is an on-going project)

My name is Zak and I have been deathly allergic to nuts my entire life.

I carry two auto-injectors, an inhaler and a few antihistamine tablets with me wherever I go, just in case a life-threatening anaphylactic incident occurs.

During my final year of studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University I discovered that up to 1 in 5 people with allergies live in fear of death from anaphylactic shock. Having always found living with anaphylaxis to be a burden myself, I became determined to create a solution that could treat allergy sufferers in an emergency, wherever they were.

After graduating I continued on my mission with my co-founder James who joined me in Jan 2021, bringing with him his expertise in sales and operations as well as a familiarity to anaphylaxis through his sister. Together we aim to revolutionise the healthcare industry with a new standard of allergy care.

Please visit the official ana. website below to learn more about the project.

More of my work:

The Wood Works
Over the course of my year in industry placement role as a graphic design/marketing intern at The Wood Works - a bespoke kitchen & living company - I designed websites, brochures, videos, social media ads, magazine ads, and much more.
Graphic Design | Marketing
For a surface modelling CAD module (one of my first projects of second year) I designed a multi-directional mobile speaker which I branded as 'SoundBomb', advancing my video and photo rendering skills on Keyshot.
Product Design
I won a competition to design a logo for 'Snacktivity' - an NHS funded research group focusing on encouraging inactive people to do small or bite sizes amounts of physical activity throughout the day. This competition was run internally at Loughborough University.
Graphic Design
For my A Level Design Technology final project I designed and manufactured my first ever product (which I still use to this day!) - A luxurious, ergonomic, dual-purpose, folding chair/table, designed for household use.
Product Design | Manufacturing
House Hack
House Hack host engaging virtual experiences that empower student & graduate talent with the opportunity to consult with social enterprises and find roles at growing start-ups. I often do odd graphic design jobs for them whilst also being part of their organisation and taking part in events as a 'Team Leader' myself.
Graphic Design
Letterbox Treats
A fun little freelance graphic design project for a startup mail order sweets company which involved the designing of numerous web assets, social posts, and a thank you customer delivery card to get the company ready to launch.
Graphic Design
In my second year at university I designed Bloo, a smart cuddly toy with inbuilt safety protocols, protection settings, child mood monitoring systems and smartphone integration - all as part of my Sustainable Design module.
Product Design | UX Design
During the Design Mould Tool module in my second year at Loughborough we designed and manufactured a fully operational steel injection mould tool for an injection moulded bike tyre lever widget intended to be a promotional item for Deliveroo drivers.
Product Design | Manufacturing
Jessalyn Grace
I was hired by Elevate Pictures through Upwork to design a fun, personal e-commerce website for the American influencer Jessalyn Grace. The key was to showcase her music, youtube videos, book and merchandising line in a bold way that reflected her individual style.
Web Design
For my second year Industrial Design Studies Module I had to design an internet of things connected product to be modelled by hand to a high standard. As such, I designed a smart weather responsive auto garden watering system for the modern home, stylised as a dripping leaf.
Product Design | UX Design
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